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Extensive research on meditation practices has revealed that regular meditation has many mental and physical benefits and that there are many effective ways to meditate. This course explores the practice and the experience of various forms of meditation. Benefits of the various forms of meditation will be explored as well as methods to deal with resistance to it. There will also be helpful tips for developing a regular meditation practice. Practicing the Silence, Unity’s meditation practice, is fundamental and foundational to Unity teachings. Therefore, it will be the primary meditation practice for the duration of the course. This class provides an excellent way for ANYONE looking to learn how to meditate or improve their practice.

Pay $10 per class at the door or pre-purchase a class subscription for $50. The class subscription provides students with online access to course materials and archived audio recordings for use if a class is missed or for review. Advance registration is required. Register by using following link: GET TICKETS



Experience this LIVE 2-day, one of a kind, spirit-filled, soul empowering, vibration raising weekend with a group of extraordinary Life Changing Visionaries in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Melt into the collective energies of people coming together for an uplifting, weekend of soul transformation. The inspiration, guidance, and tools you’ll receive this weekend are designed to nourish your soul and move you forward on life’s journey with Purpose, Power and Insight.

It’s time to manifest your hearts desires, be truly happy and feel completely fulfilled in life. 

It’s time to Reignite Your Light!


Unity of Pompano Beach is a media partner of this exciting event!


Introducing "Rev's Requests"
We will now be accepting congregant requests for the sermon topic and music for the special 5th Sunday Services of the month. This Sunday you will see Rev's Requests slips in the narthex. Fill out the slips with your favorite topics or music selections, put them in the Unity Church drop box in the narthex, and Rev. Lawrence will select his sermon topic and song selections for March 31st from those suggestions.