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"Do you have a regular prayer and meditation practice and want to go deeper into Oneness? Are you wondering how simple aromatherapy can help you become calm, centered and release distractions?  Do you want to find an easier and more effective way to get into meditation faster?

If so, come join Alexia to discover how essential oils and aromatherapy can quickly and easily support you. Best of all, all participants get to create a customized aromatherapy gift to take home and start using right away."

Tuesday, July 23 from 7 to 9:00 pm in Fellowship Hall

Cost: $10



Join us Sunday, July 28 as we present speaker, author, recovery coach, and recording artist Ester Nicholson!

Ester will be the guest speaker and vocalist at our Sunday Celebration Service at 11 am and will be conducting a workshop from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery - 12 Keys to Healing Dependence, is a teacher, healer, recording artist and former-addict who brings her incredible journey of transformation to a practical curriculum—addressing the causes and effects of dependence as they occur in contemporary living. Ms. Nicholson infuses the 12-Step process with added spiritual concepts and teachings that transform the treatment of dependence, addiction, crisis living and suffering— through her articles, seminars, soul-nurturing music and riveting keynote speaking appearances. A gifted vocal artist in her own right, Nicholson’s musical career includes tours with Rod Stewart and Bette Midler—and appearances on such television shows as Oprah, The Tonight Show, The View, Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ester's workshop is "Keys to Abundant Living: Healing the Blocks to Your Birthright of Prosperity". In this dynamic workshop, you will:

•  Take an inward journey of rediscovering the abundant good awaiting your willingness, acceptance and alignment.

•  Heal deep negative core beliefs in unworthiness, feelings of not being good enough and undeservingness. 

•  Break old familial, generational and ancestral agreements to struggle, depression and lack.

•  Learn how to “tap” using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release old negative beliefs out of your consciousness; and tap into the truth.

•  Visualize and script your hearts desire from the awareness that you are worthy, good enough and READY! 

•  Incorporate forgiveness in to the principles of 12-Steps Soul Recovery (TM)

•  Begin a 40-Day commitment of prayer, visualization, tapping, forgiveness and more.

Sunday, July 28 from 1:30 to 3:300 pm in the Sanctuary

Cost: $35


Please join us for an intensive workshop that will bring together Republican-leaning and Democratic-leaning citizens for an afternoon of structured conversations, with a focus on listening and reflecting rather than debating and persuading.

The goals of this workshop are to better understand the experiences and beliefs of those on the other side of the political divide, to seek out areas of common ground in addition to acknowledging and respecting differences, and to gain insights that might help to heal the increasing polarization in our community and the nation.

Who can come? Anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of, and connection with people whose political beliefs differ from their own. You should honestly be able to answer "yes" to the following question:

“Are you willing to listen to the other side, and are you willing to speak to the other side with respect?”

There are two ways to join a Red/Blue Workshop: as a Participant or as an Observer/Alternate. Participants will engage in small- and large-group discussions throughout the afternoon with individuals of both the same and different political persuasions. Participants must identify as “red” (Republican or leaning conservative) or “blue” (Democrat or leaning liberal). We will strive for an equal balance of red and blue participants with 5 to 8 people on each side.

Observers/Alternates can identify as red, blue or independent (not leaning either way). They will not participate in the discussions directly but will have the opportunity to watch and listen throughout the afternoon, as well as to join the participants for conversations during break times. Observers/Alternates should be ready to step in and participate as their "color" in the event of participant cancellations. In areas that have a geographic "color" imbalance, allowing for up to 20 Observers/Alternates provides an opportunity for more people to experience a Red/Blue workshop. Observer/Alternates have found observing a workshop to be amazingly valuable. 

Saturday, August 17 from 1 to 4:30 pm in Fellowship Hall

This event is FREE. Participants must register in advance through Eventbrite HERE 


Recurring Events at Unity of Pompano Beach

Introducing "Rev's Requests"
We will now be accepting congregant requests for the sermon topic and music for the special 5th Sunday Services of the month. This Sunday you will see Rev's Requests slips in the narthex. Fill out the slips with your favorite topics or music selections, put them in the Unity Church drop box in the narthex, and Rev. Lawrence will select his sermon topic and song selections for March 31st from those suggestions.