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Come out to Fellowship Hall for a Heart Chakra meditation led by me and an Ancestry program led by our own Dina Shimek. We will learn how to balance and heal our heart chakra while engaging in a fun and enriching experience in sisterhood! If you have something green, pink, or gold in your wardrobe, please wear it in honor of good memories, love, warmth, and the Heart Chakra.
What to bring?
Wear green, pink, gold (or all three) if you can.
Bring a sacred object relating to your ancestry or a beloved ancestor.
Heart Chakra
Love stays in our hearts forever. The qualities of the Heart Chakra are sisterhood, peace, love, unity, and joy! The message of the Heart Chakra is to accept the oneness of all life. Through love, we radiate the joy of being. An open Heart Chakra is experienced by others as warm, inviting, and tender. Join us Saturday, November 10th for a heart opening program filled with sisterhood and joy!
We will gather for lunch at a local restaurant afterwards - TBA.


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